Relax, restore and recharge

## 18th – 23 rd of May##

## 3 rd – 8th of June ##

If you need time to think things over and would like some coaching to find out how to get more out of life, this is the retreat for you. At this lovely 3 spanish cottage “finca” only 20 minutes from Malaga airport you will find Mia Isacsson who has been working with horses and coaching since 1995. Every morning and afternoon / evening there will different body awareness exercises. Mindfulness, core, yoga, pilates, breathing exercises, meditation, hikes etc. at a level that suites your skills and body. Focus is to work with body, mind and spirit to balance your energy and to make you see things more clearly. Three of these classes you will be able to swap for riding lessons if you wish. The riding center is 25 minutes walk from the cottages. There you will find a great, big show jumping areena always full of obstacles. A nice dressage arena as well as horses in all sizes and for riders on all levels. Adolfo is doing the show jumping classes and David the basic riding, easy jumps and dressage classes.
Mia will invite you to a communication session from the ground with the Andalusian horses Tango and Furtivo. They will teach you how to be clear and not waste energy. Even if you never have done anything with horses before this will be a great experience. Horses reflect your personality.
Mia has developed her own style of training with inspiration from different yoga styles and teachers from all over the world. Focus will be on self awareness, strenghten the core and softly stretch the muscles needed. Working with your body – not against it. When we work with ourselves there are always questions coming up, about the past, present and the future. Coaching in a “guiding to find your own insights” way, is always available. It could be like chats at the dinner table or more serious sessions.
The finca has three small cottages and a stunning view towards Malaga bay and mountains. There is a swimming pool and all cottages are equipped with air conditioning for coolness and warmth, free Wifi, a smart TV and comfortable box spring beds with high quality mattresses.
We will eat quite light, healthy and mostly vegetarian. If you desperately need a steak and french fries, there are four nice restaurants within 25 minutes walk.

-Key information
*Rider Weight Limit: 176 pounds / 80 kilograms
*Horses Height Range: ponnies to 15 – 16 hands
*Horse Breed: pure Spanish breed, andalusians and cross breeds

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