a journey to self

….a journey to self…. begins with you and never ends….

Welcome to a Villa Rosa Conscious Awakening retreat in Malaga with Tatiana Di Marzio, Mia Isacsson and Alessandro Karbon. We will guide you to a flow of experiences to unravel the higher version of yourself.  Asana, Hata, Ying, Kundalini Yoga, Mindful Meditation, Pilates, Body Flow, Breathing Techniques, Sound Bath, Horse Riding, Art Therapy, Coaching, Four Elements, Conscious Awakening, Constellations and Tantric Numerology.  All group sessions, seminars and workshops are included as well as the indoor heated jacuzzi. You will also be offered to book private sessions and horseback riding. We will help you find your path based on your energy level. No experience required,  just meet us as you are. We will also provide freshly prepared healthy food, vegetarian, vegan, andalusian quality with an Italian twist. We are all artists of consciousness, creating ourpicture’ of reality.  To live a life you love, love the life you have and imagine a future worth drawing forward. Neuroscientists concur, every bit of what we experience is a figment of our imagination.  Authorship of the story of our lives is in our hearts, minds and hands. So, how will we most positively and powerfully interpret the circumstances of this moment to best inform and guide our precious life in the new year? With the raw material of past experience, in the mental factory of our thoughts, our future is sculpted with the ‘chisel’ of our worldview and actions. To create the most evolutionary thoughts and ideas, the Craftsman-of-our-Being accepts mentorship from the divine imagination, source of beauty, truth and goodness. Let us guide you to a journey to self…

Upcoming retreats: 21st to 27th of March, 2023

Tatiana Di Marzio (TATA YOGA, Tatjanart)     

Rome, Italy 1982. Fashion Designer, painter, Asana, Hata and Kundalini Yoga, Mindful Meditation, Art teacher and Art Therapy non clinical supervisor with more than 15 years experience, Tantric numerology, passionate about food and Life enthusiast. Learning and teaching are part of the same process in order to grow, passing knowledge through the lessons learned is a responsibility, to help others evolve finding a life of joy and fulfillment.

Alessandro Karbon (AKER)

Rome, Italy 1968. Alessandro has a degree in Literature and Philosophy, University “La Sapienza” of Rome. He is a poet,  novelist, songwriter, creator of the musical project “Eresia Romana”.  He is a counselor in helping relationships, Reiki master, operator in hypnosis and regressive hypnosis, constellation for family and spiritual constellations. The Family constellation process uncovers family dynamics found in your unconscious, affecting your emotional state, self-esteem, habits, and behaviour. It’s a process that makes it easier to accept what we have, gratitude for what we have, and love for ourselves and others. The Constellation Process allows for a deep understanding and completion of relationships both inside and outside our family circle. It goes beyond talking to use body perception and energy to achieve the hidden dynamics of our emotional problems, relationships, and entanglement. Constellation Process is a powerful way to take advantage of what prevents people from reaching their potential concerning relationships, success and well-being. It’s a methodology that helps people to be the best possible version of who they are and can be.

Mia Isacsson  (Medvetenhet & Spainriding)

Stockholm, Sweden, 1965. Mia has been guiding people since the mid 90s, placing great emphasis in meeting them where they are on their own journey. She has done a lot of study to get a big toolbox to work with: horse training, herd behaviour, leadership, astrology, drama, M.I. (motivational interviewing) voice dialogue, C.B.T. (cognitive behavioral therapy) modern relationship-oriented psychology, yoga, tarot cards, sound healing bath and most importantly-  intuition and heart. Horses are more than a passion, believing they are also a magnificent guide for us as we seek personal development. 

Alignment improves your capacity and performance. When we start consciously living in our bodies we become aware of our breath as well as of our thoughts and emotions . When we simply stop and breathe in the moment we find alignment with All that Is. Alignment is honoring the core values and listening to our intuition. We must live beside the world while keeping ourselves true to our nature.  Everything is connected. We are all Divine beings. Understanding the value of self love will bring us to live a life where we are able to share this love with every living thing, without attachment or expectations, in complete freedom. Taking time to reconnect with your higher self will also impact your loved ones and those around you for the better.   We are a team of people really passionate about wellbeing and our goal is to share it. Welcome to a journey to self…

Price list

7 days, 6 nights. Tuesday 21st- Monday 27th of March

If you live in the area you can join during daytime. Yoga, sound bath, workshops. lectures, mindfulness, all group activities, lunch & 2 private sessions included: 450 euro.

With room & board, yoga, sound bath, workshops and all group activities, pool and jacuzzi: 1.500 euro.    2 people sharing a room: 2.250 euro

Horse riding  (transports included) 7 days retreat: 300 euro. 5 days retreat: 250 euro.  The Riding Center

5 days, 4 nights: With room & board, yoga, sound bath, workshops and all group activities, pool and jacuzzi: 1.250  euro. 2 people sharing a room: 1.800 euro.

3 days, 2 nights: With room & board, yoga, sound bath, workshops and all group activities, pool & jacuzzi: 950 euro. 2 people sharing a room: 1.450 euro.

Private sessions 

Constellations              50 euro

Tantric numerology     35 euro

1:1 yoga session           20 euro

Personal coaching        30 euro   

Massage 50 minutes    70 euro     Markus Link

Check in: 15.00. Check out 10.00. All inclusive except from private sessions and treatments, transfer and flights.  All tuition will be tailored to suit your skills and wishes. Schedule will be adjusted according to season, weather and your skills and wishes. Rider Weight Limit: 176 pounds / 80 kilogram.

Payment terms