Retreat at Villa Rosa 3rd to 9th of November 2022

We had lovely days at Villa Rosa. Here is the review from Nic who came all the way from Denmark to participate: Villa Rosa is a pearl . The house is a beautiful spacious , well kept Spanish house located in the region of Alhaurin, surrounded by orange orchards and mountainous views. It facilitates the perfect setting for amongst other things, yoga sessions, drawing, painting, or just chilling. Mia and her team offer so much more than “just” riding and yoga – for me, they opened a world of opportunities and clarity, for which I am truly grateful for. They helped build and provide a programme that suited my needs/wishes. They are warm, friendly, and open-minded, supportive, professional and great fun to be with. I had three different yoga teachers during my stay – each provided something different, each excellent in instructing. Both body and soul were nourished – meals were delicious honest homemade cooking. I had riding lessons with David Rodriguez – a talented instructor who understands how to teach, and has a total understanding of both horse and rider. David has given me the confidence and motivation to continue to ride. There was nothing not to like. 

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NO AVAILABILITY! 7 Days Restore & Relax at Villa Alhaurin

 Villa Alhaurin is a bright, one-storey country house wich can accommodate seven people in its four rooms, all with oil heaters. Two of the rooms have two single beds each, the third has a double bed and the forth a single bed. Two of the bedrooms are also equipped with air conditioning. The house has a bathroom with a shower and one with a bathtub. The dining room is characterized by high ceilings, which, together with the large windows, provide a bright atmosphere. In any case, in this house you will feel like in a real rural house. The spacious independent kitchen is fully equipped, and houses a dining table as well. The Riding Center is within a couple of minutes. You can see it from the pool area, wich is a perfect spot for yoga sessions.

Thanks to its position on a hill, this lodging is sheltered from outside eyes. The huge private pool is surrounded by sun loungers and a spectacular garden. This is the perfect spot for yoga sessions. The house has porches and a lot of space where you can relax and enjoy the views provided. There is also an outside seating area, a barbecue and pool toys. 

All meals are included. The refrigerator will be filled with what ever you fancy for beakfast so you can have your breakfast of your own choice. There will also always be some fruit, snacks, tea and coffee etc available for you in the kitchen. Lunch and dinner will mainly be served  Villa Alhaurin, but could also be at some local restaurant.

Rider Weight Limit: 176 pounds / 80 kilograms

All our horses and our things carry insurance – however, you are responsible for your own holiday and riding insurance. 


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Relax, restore and recharge

## 18th – 23 rd of May##

## 3 rd – 8th of June ##

If you need time to think things over and would like some coaching to find out how to get more out of life, this is the retreat for you. At this lovely 3 spanish cottage “finca” only 20 minutes from Malaga airport you will find Mia Isacsson who has been working with horses and coaching since 1995. Every morning and afternoon / evening there will different body awareness exercises. Mindfulness, core, yoga, pilates, breathing exercises, meditation, hikes etc. at a level that suites your skills and body. Focus is to work with body, mind and spirit to balance your energy and to make you see things more clearly. Three of these classes you will be able to swap for riding lessons if you wish. The riding center is 25 minutes walk from the cottages. There you will find a great, big show jumping areena always full of obstacles. A nice dressage arena as well as horses in all sizes and for riders on all levels. Adolfo is doing the show jumping classes and David the basic riding, easy jumps and dressage classes.
Mia will invite you to a communication session from the ground with the Andalusian horses Tango and Furtivo. They will teach you how to be clear and not waste energy. Even if you never have done anything with horses before this will be a great experience. Horses reflect your personality.
Mia has developed her own style of training with inspiration from different yoga styles and teachers from all over the world. Focus will be on self awareness, strenghten the core and softly stretch the muscles needed. Working with your body – not against it. When we work with ourselves there are always questions coming up, about the past, present and the future. Coaching in a “guiding to find your own insights” way, is always available. It could be like chats at the dinner table or more serious sessions.
The finca has three small cottages and a stunning view towards Malaga bay and mountains. There is a swimming pool and all cottages are equipped with air conditioning for coolness and warmth, free Wifi, a smart TV and comfortable box spring beds with high quality mattresses.
We will eat quite light, healthy and mostly vegetarian. If you desperately need a steak and french fries, there are four nice restaurants within 25 minutes walk.

-Key information
*Rider Weight Limit: 176 pounds / 80 kilograms
*Horses Height Range: ponnies to 15 – 16 hands
*Horse Breed: pure Spanish breed, andalusians and cross breeds

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Alhaurin Accomodation


Just about 15 – 20 minutes walk from the Riding Center there are several very nice smaller houses, perfect if you come alone or with just a friend. All of them within walking distans to several restaurants as well, Venta La Porrita and Restaurante Torre de Vega in the little village and Las Pilistras and La Risa Bistro at Lauro Golf.  Please contact us for more information or have a look at the al inclusive packages we have available here.

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Age of Aquarius

A better world. A better you.

We are moving towards brighter, better and more loving times. It may seem dark around us but it’s only because we are entering a new era. Everything goes in circles and it is always darkest before it turns.  The winter solstice 2020 leads us into new times. Time to start living in harmony and respect with each other and mother earth. I have the pleasure to announce that I have started a collaboration with an absolutely fantastic yoga place, Palms! In 2021, I will offer developing holidays at Costa del Sol, Spain, with yoga, meditation, lectures, coaching, communication and body language training. For those who want, you can choose riding lessons at the riding school next door. 

More info.


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Here is a link to a Spainriding video at my FB page:


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Free seminar – Feel Good at Costa del Sol

When there is chaos around you – try to find your inner peace. Many of us feels confused, worried and with lack of spirit because of all the unserten going on in the world. I would like to invite you to a free seminar to find out how to handle this situation in the best of ways. A crise or a change in life could be scary but it is also the path to new discoverys, new things, new people and new knowledge. We are all different and you need to find what is best for you. With my coaching and by sharing this with others you can learn how to find your own stability, power, happiness and creativity. I think we need to change, the world need a change, the way we live need to change. Grab the oportunity to make this time yours. Yours to develope, to become a more free and happy person. Try to leave the fear behind for a moment and give this a chance. Instead of being a victim of the changes, take the commando and surf on the wave. Make it be to your benefit. After the seminar there are alots of different ways to continue. I offer coaching, private or in groups. With or without horses. I teach and inspire how to grow and cook your own food. I teach mindfulness, meditation and yoga on easy level for anyone to be able to follow. You can also just take the free gifts and carry them with you on your journey. 

Free seminar in Alhaurin de la Torre, 6th of September 2020.  11.00 – 14.00 
Make your reservation by sending a whatsapp or sms to 625708686 (Mia Isacsson) with your name.

Looking forward to meet you


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Boost your immune system

The food we buy in shops and restaurants don’t always contains so much vitamins and minerals. Many vegetables and fruits are grown in bad soil and maybe also sprayed with toxics. If you eat at the big food chains, you can be sure it is not healthy. We are also exposed to a lot of stress, radiation, fear and negativ input from media. Very often we dont have time to relax, breathe and listen to what our body needs.  We do the same movements too many time, use the same muscles, running around stressed and out of balance both physical and psychological. All this together make us vulnerable and an easy target for a virus or a disease of any kind. At Spainriding we pick as much as possible for our dinner in the garden and we also use wild plants. Every season has its specialties.  Oranges, tomatoes, cabbage, sallad, herbs. We eat mostly vegetarian and not to much bread and pasta.  If you want you can eat vegan and totaly free from gluten. A glas of wine is concidered an antioxidant.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vila-1024x575.jpgPracticing Mindfullness; Paying attention in the present moment, and doing it intentionally and with non-judgment. Awareness of breath, body, feelings, emotions and/or thoughts (in sitting meditation practice or just during daily activities) You can do a walking meditation or just try to be totaly present while eating, chew slowly, really experience the aroma, taste and texture. Guided meditations where you can focus on your chackras or just scan your body is another way to help you stay present, focusing on your body and breath. Trying to observe, notice, be aware and listen without judging or analysing. This will help you to avoid stress,the  breathing will clean your body, not judging makes you think more positiv, take in the surroundings and let nature’s power and the sunshine fill you up. All this together will surely empower your immune system.

Core / yoga training help you keep balance in life. We start with simple breathing exercises and then we find a level that suites you. Respect your limits to not harm the body. Stretching short muscels and make your stomach and core muscles strong. Balance exercises, sun salutations and animal postures. When you get to know the postures you can go in a more meditative state, but enjoy doing it is most important. You should looking forward to the next time…


Psychology of learning and motivation.  The horse will tell you a lot about your personality. It requires skills of how to motivate and make the horse eager to learn to be a good horsetrainer. The horse need to feel you want to do him well. Give him some healing, that will also heal you. Help him using his body in a way that is comfortable and will build him up. When you get the feeling of having this big powerful animal really happy to be with you and try to please you, that will be the greatest boost of all. Be one with the horse, be one with your self, be one with the universe. Everything is energy. Create your self in a new way, create positiv energy, create a world full of love and happiness. 

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Judith and Atos

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Jonna from Sweden

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