Classical Dressage Vacation in Spain

Classical Dressage, the way I look at it, is a nice and friendly way to train the horse, but still with high goals of performence and perfection. A method where you are responsable for the horse to feel selfsecure and happy while working. We try to see things from the horse point of view. Related to the horses skills, personality and fysics we choose the right exercises and level of speed. Some horses needs more time to understand and to be able to do what we ask them to.

We want to work with the horse, not against the horse. We usally start with work from the ground – communication, relaxation, breathing and harmony together with your horse. That make you aware of all  movements, shoulder in, haunches in etc. and therefore easier to perform later. When you feel ready to mount a horse we go on focusing on awareness of the bodies of the horse and rider. Doing the movements slow to make it easy to feel the exact position of both hindlegs. When starting the trot and canter the ultimate goal is to maitain without neather rider or horse start to get tensed or stressed.

Classical Dressage Vacation in Spain

“Aim to be perfect or you will be stuck in mediocrity”

Classical Dressage is about trying to be as perfect as possible, to have a real connection with the horse and control and awareness of your own body as well as of the horse.