Coaching- with or without horses – become your higher potential.
To gain more awareness is an invaluable tool. My special method of teaching communication and awareness is designed to make you grow and discover your inner potential. Discover yourself in a different way, with new self-expression and you will to be able to find the courage and strength to change. Discern different ways you react and  see clearly choices you make which may lead you to your goals or away from what you really dream of. Develop your personal skills and learn how to choose consciously the patterns you wish to keep.

awarenessGive yourself the opportunity to grow as a person, parent or partner. You can always find more balance and happiness in your life. Change yourself and the way you look at others. That will change the way others appear in your life. You cannot chnage others, but if you change they will automatically.

 Personal development together with horses.

Horses are lovely animals and they love to be our teachers. Are you ready to open up for the messages the horse give you? The horse ddetect and expose every nuance in our personality and will tirelessly tell us about it. The horse will react to us exactly as we present ourself, reflecting our leadership style, how it’s perceived and received. Power is not an option – earn the authority to lead and our effort is rewarded!.

Marbella, Natural Horsemanship, dressage

The horse is a Spirit Animal and can help you to find your own inner power.

ridsemester mor och dotter spanien

ridresor, företagsresor, ledarskap

ridsemester mor och dotter