Core Pilates Yoga Costa del Sol

Body awareness

Give yourself what you need the most.
Stop, breathe, a moment of time, just to be you. Create energy enough for both yourselves and others. Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and your body. Everything is connected.

Core Pilates Yoga Costa del Sol

Core Pilates Yoga Costa del Sol

Core Pilates Yoga Costa del Sol.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word  that comes from the root, ‘yuj’ which means ‘to join together’. Yoga in simple words means Union: between head and heart, body and spirit, you and universe. For many years I have been practicing yoga and worked with Body Awareness Riding. Now I have educated myself further in Tantra Yoga with a very experienced Indian teacher in Spain. I now offer yoga-inspired workout training in Malaga. My training has been influenced by yoga, core, pilates, mindfulness, etc. The goal is a comfortable, smooth and healthy body and mind. You can get private lessons or come as a group. I help you to find your own personal level from how you feel at the moment. It is important to train for your own body’s ability to strengthen the body, not harm it. I offer coaching and counseling and are trained in drama, CBT, group psychology, astrology, relationship-oriented and modern psychoanalysis.

Core, yoga, pilates training for horse riders.

A rider needs to be steady, stable, flexible, supple, coordinated, focused, centered and balanced. Horses recognize if your ribs are collapsed. They read energy and body language. Buddhism says 50% of your state of mind is posture.
The aim of my Pilates, Yoga and Core inspired Equestrian Training include:

  • Increased body control.
  • Improved balance.
  • Active Core muscles.
  • Increased equal-sidedness.
  • Smooth hips.
  • Rythm
  • Awareness  of hands and legs.
  • Control of posture, seat and impact.
  • A stronger, more stable and more durable body.
  • Presence, focus and relaxation.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Patience.
  • Energy control and reduced stress levels.

core yoga for rider and horse Spain MalagaThe combination of the different types of exercise provide a soft workout that strengthens the muscles that are weak and makes the short muscles elastic again.Where you are weak you need there more strength. Where you are tensed you might need more breathing, relaxation, rest and recovery. Yoga contains both physically demanding exercises and meditative calm, stretching movements.

Another dimension is that by practicing and getting to know their own body, may also be more understanding of the horse’s body. It increases opportunities for interaction and cooperation between horse and rider. The rider needs to undertand the body of the horse to be able to give the horse the best possible training. The body of the horse is similar to the body of humans. Yoga works for them both.