Curriculum Vitae Mia Isacsson

Subsequent to completing general education and schooling I embarqued on training in Astro-drama. My ambition was to develop an idea I had on working with therapeutic counselling based on the client´s birth horoscope. The Astro training course involved psychodrama and roleplaying from the perspective that change is possible. I continued to develop my therapeutic skills in a counsellor´s training program in 1995-1996. The course program included system-theory, modern constructivist theory and current relational methods.
I progressed from student to teacher within this field. In 1997 I started my own business Medvetenhet (Awareness) and my services involved training executives, management, staff and personnel at group as well as on one-to one individual coaching sessions. I have been invited to help company´s like Astra Zeneca, Pharmacia, Vin och Sprit(National Off Licence) IFL, Etteplan as well as services within the world of psychiatry and social services in the municipalities of Vallentuna,  Skarpnäck, Tumba, Haninge, Kungsholmen, Uppsala and Kista.
I have supervised Bellstasund´s Diagnostic Center, a private care facility for the mentally retarded with psychiatric complications in Upplands Väsby since the upstart in 2002.
During 2007 I have supervised a foster-care home facility in Uppland. During 2008 and 2009 I myself have offered my services as a family-foster home care facility.
From 2005 to 2013 I developed my courses at my Equestrian Training Center – Orkebo Ranch. My main clients have been executives, high-level managers, teams, parents and adolescents.
In 2008 I completed a one-year Cognitive Behavioral Training course. During these past years I have maintained my work with horses in leadership, counselling and dressage programs and this has been, and still is, the backbone of my establishment.
In 2013 I branched out and started to offer by services on Malaga, Spain.
It seems the world is changing and so many people require help and need adjusting to new demands and help in developing deep longings and inner vocations.
I am offering my expertise in supporting, helping and inspiring individual´s in their quest for inner development and integrated awareness. The courses I offer range from intensive short courses to specialized clinics and workshops. I can also tailor-make training to cater for special needs as requested by clients.
Encouragement, personal growth, hope, love, positive energy and enhanced focused awareness are just some of the ingredients in the services I offer.
Welcome to join me on an awesome adventure that will lead you to life changing insights in your own potential and personal growth.