Heal & balance your self

Nowadays we have so much impressions and influences and pressure upon us so it is important to search for balance and harmony within ourselves.  Negative energy spreading all over the world. We need to find a way, not letting us down. Not give up hope!
We are steering towards more and more consumption and a constantly growing debt trap, where we only focus on “outside things”.  All stimuli and rewards comes from things not within us. That make us empty and scared. Love – not fear will, make a positive change in your life, in others and to the world. Awareness and active choices are more important than ever.
My courses  will make you find Your inner truth and energy,  with the help of powerful horses, the Nature, coaching, core, yoga, pilates, mindfulness, shaman healing and other valuable tools.
Very welcome to Costa del Sol, Malaga, Torremolinos.

Change your life with Horsepower

Experience the unique combination of horseback riding and personal development. Coaching with or without horses – become your full potential.
To gain more awareness is an invaluable tool. My special method of communication and awareness is designed to make you grow and discover your inner potential. Discover yourself in a different way, with new self-expression and you will to be able to find the courage and strength to change. Discern different ways you react and  see clearly choices you make which may lead you to your goals or away from what you really dream of. Develop your personal skills and learn how to choose consciously the patterns you wish to keep.

I also have Core / Pilates / Yoga practice. Welcome to stay at Palms Yoga Center