Mia Isacsson

I have been coaching people sence 1997. Riders, managers, employees, parents etc. My special method is designed to make people grow and discover their inner potential. CV Mia Isacsson

Horses detect and expose every nuance in our personality and will tirelessly tell us about it. The horse will react to us exactly as we present ourself, reflecting our leadership style, how it’s perceived and received. Earn the authority to lead and our effort is rewarded! Experience the unique combination of horses and personal development. The horse is a Spirit Animal and will help you to find your own inner power. Heal & Balance

Before you can require great things from your horse, you need to find your own balance. We practice breathing, relaxation, presence, mindfullness, yoga, core, leadership, concentration, body control, focus and how to give clear signals in order to get a responsive horse. All tuition is tailor-made to suit each individual rider´s level and preferences, starting with the basics.

The content of my courses is a mix of everything I have learned that I have found useful. I teach different techniques appropriate to the current phase and level of the horse and rider. The theories come from Classical Dressage, Academic Riding, Centered Riding etc. I have, in addition to a large number of trainers trained in Stromsholm, Sweden, worked with several trainers wich are all inspired buy Nuno Oliveira, master in Classical Dressage. I have many years of experience of training and places great emphasis on an educational approach for the student to be able to assimilate as much as possible of course. I create the class considering personality, experiences and expectations.

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