Mia Isacsson

I have been coaching people sence 1997. Riders, managers, employees, parents etc. My special method is designed to make people grow and discover their inner potential. CV Mia Isacsson

I teach different techniques appropriate to the current phase and level of yours. I had a 3 month intensiv yoga teacher training 2015 with “Baba” from India, who is teaching Patanjali filosofi and “sutras” I also have a diploma in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and modern relationship-oriented psychoanalysis as well as a coaching eduacation including M.I. (motivational interviewing) Voice Dialogue and many orher tools. I am good at finding the right level for each individual. I am very careful not to produce solutions for anyone else. Everyone has to go their own way. I can go along a bit and share my experiences. I feel at home and safe in the change process we are going through. Always experienced the world as not working very well, so it is liberating that we are finally doing something about it. The best way if you want to see a change is always to start with yourself, and I am here to support you.

The content of my courses is a mix of everything I have learned that I have found useful. The riding theories come from Classical Dressage, Academic Riding, Centered Riding etc. I have, in addition to a large number of trainers trained in Stromsholm, Sweden, worked with several trainers wich are all inspired buy Nuno Oliveira, master in Classical Dressage. I have many years of experience of training and places great emphasis on an educational approach for the student to be able to assimilate as much as possible of course. I create the class considering personality, experiences and expectations.

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