Natalia and Dmitry

First I got this mail from them:

I will write my homework with a feedback within this week, and Natasha will post a comment about your classes on Russian web pages dedicated to horse riding. Just one thing now – I have not got it in Torremolinos but understood on my way back. I had not only theory and technic training, but also a mental and spirit training. Now I am not afraid of horses anymore!

Of course it was not a panic before (in this case I would not be interested in riding at all). But without appropriate explanation of mentality of horses and without being around them for some time I felt myself uncomfortable near horses before. I suppose it was a normal feeling of any living specimen in front of somebody\something that is higher, several times heavier and many times stronger that he is. I just did not feel it safe to approach and did not intend to do it without reason.During the first day in Spain I was also in such a mess. And now I am fine with horses! Not reckless – I understand that I should have some precautions with horses I do not know, especially with wild stallions.

But I can understand them much better, I can feel their energy (and influence it in some way). And I can hug a horse!  So thank you very much again – this time for making the world of horse lovers bigger for one person.

And then this:

We had a one-week training program with Mia in Torremolinos. We had several other offers to choose from, and now we are sure that we made a right choice for our needs. Mia offered her scheduled of lessons (we accepted it), and she is ready to discuss and change it if needed. All preparations for booking horses, timeslots etc. were done in advance, also taking into account our wishes. I will not dig into details of trainings – we have received what we are expected. Our idea was to get more arena lessons than trekking outdoor, so we got it. Also communication and leadership lessons – never heard of that before, but occurred to be very interesting and useful. And now we can prepare horses from cleaning to saddle and unsaddle them – very interesting indeed, and helps you to communicate with horses better. Just one wish for future – Mia is making photos during lessons, and it is better to look at them during the process. When we received photos afterwards, I could see all mistakes and needs for correction that Mia talked about during lessons J To show them immediately would be better for understanding – we are persons better in watching that in listening.