Relax,  Restore & Reeducate.

21st to 27th of March 2023 Villa Rosa  a journey to self retreat.

13th to 19th of April 2023   Villa Alhaurin retreat.

If you feel like you need some time to spend on yourself, to find out how you can get more out of life. If you want to get in touch with what your heart truly desires and start making it happen. If you want to become more aware of how you are perceived by others and improve your communication skills. If you just need some time to relax, recharge and do as little as possible – then you are on the right website. We offer accommodations in a variety of lovely villas in Alhaurin de la Torre, 20 minutes from Malaga airport. All of them within a distance between 3 to 30 minute walk from a great Riding Center. The villas have only 4-5 rooms so tuition will be in a very small group. 

Mia has developed her own style of training with inspiration from different yoga styles and teachers from all over the world.  Mia and her team will make sure you get the most out of your stay. Focus will be on self awareness, strenghten the core and softly stretch the muscles needed. Working with your body – not against it. When we work with ourselves there are always questions coming up, about the past, present and the future. Coaching in a “guiding to find your own insights” way, is always available. It could be like chats at the dinner table or more serious sessions. Mindfulness, core, yoga, sound healing bath and riding lessons at a level that suits your skills and body. Theory about leadership and communication, how to control your energy and how to give clear and unambiguous messages.  Prices

The schedule will be adjusted according to which day you arrive, the season, the weather, and your skills and wishes. It rarely rains here at Costa del Sol, but during the winter, there can be heavy rains that make riding risky. If this should happen, you will be offered a yoga class, an art class, astrology, numerology or Osho tarot card session, un excursion or other activities instead. The same applies if you find it too hot to ride in the summer.  It will be possible to fill your days up with activities.  We, however, would like to encourage you to not get too busy but instead take some time to be on your own and reflect. This is a journey to Spain but could also be a journey towards your self, a journey within. 


Artsclasses with Tatjana

Playing with Osho Zen Tarot or a numerology session or birth chart astrology session (if you know your time of birth) 

A 4 element ( water, fire, air and earth) meditation at the beach.

A visit to Kadampa, a buddhist meditation center near by.

We have our “super masseur” Markus Link, and other massage therapists who comes over for treatments. These are not included and have to be booked in advance and require a minimum of 3 sessions.

Excursions with Marie- Claire, an amazing french woman,who does private excursions if you would like to explore Andalusia. She will take you where ever you want. (included in some packages)

Hiking in the mountains you can do for free but if you need a private guide you will have to pay for it. Now after the resent fires it is extra exciting going up in the mountains. You could also walk over the mountain to the picturesque Spanish village Mijas with stunning view over the coast. A clear day you can even see Africa. It is about a  3 hour walk and you can get a transfer back.If you want to play golf there are different packages availabe. There are a driving range, a bowl club and a paddle tennis court as well.

At the Lauro golf club, 27 holes,  you can do paddle and bowl an there is a zipline, Sunview Park, near by as well.
If you want to play golf there are different packages available, please ask for more info.

If riding is not already in the package you can book showjumping or basic dressage lessons at the  riding center near by. You could also have a class with working with the horse from the ground to learn communication and leadership.

You could also enjoy a nice ride along the beach or in the hills overlooking the sea.