Riding in Spain

Basic Riding Lesson

We usually start with work in hand including communication,ridresor europa relaxation, breathing and harmony with your horse. This will make you aware of all movements, shoulder in, haunches in etc. and therefore be easier for you to perform later. Once ready to mount the horse we focus on the rider´s and horse´s body  awareness. Doing the movements slowly enables you to feel the exact position of both hindlegs. When initiating trot and canter the ultimate goal is to maintain these paces without  rider or horse becoming tensed or stressed.


Riding in Spain

Body Awareness Riding entails using as little effort as possible in influencing the horse to perform as much as possible. Inspired by the Classical School – School of Lègéreté. The goal is a horse in natural balance, self carrying, relaxed, moving through the whole body, listening and waiting for the rider´s gentle signals and enabling the horse´s natural curiosity to succeed.

Before you can require great things from your horse, you need to find your own balance. We practice breathing, relaxation, presence, leadership, concentration, body control, focus and how to give clear signals in order to get a responsive horse. All tuition is tailor-made to suit each individual rider´s level and preferences, starting with the basics.