People are afraid to look into themselves. They are scared to follow their instincts, feelings and intuition. They are afraid to feel bad, have bad emotions and thoughts. People are afraid to be spontaneous, too happy, too sad or just honest.

They feel something, and they want to TAME IT, ashamed of what they felt and believing that if they had a LITTLE BIT more of SELF-CONTROL and a STRONGER WILL, they wouldn’t feel what they felt, because they could control themselves better.

People want to control themselves because they are scared that if they don’t, some ANIMALISTIC POWER will take control of them, and they will never be in charge of themselves again.

The same beliefs people have about horses: People want to be in control of horses, and believe that horses need to be tamed, or else their animalistic nature will take over and will “kill everyone”.

I tell you something now:
It’s not YOU who is scared of losing control.
It is your MIND.

To be in charge, your mind needs Self-Control, limitations, judgements and all the things that make you feel bad, ashamed, and like you have to watch yourself or else YOU MAKE A MISTAKE.

Self-Control doesn’t offer a better connection.
Self-Control offers a better disconnection.
And a better disconnection can offer only a better FEAR.

Your “animalistic nature” is not something wild, crazy and to be tamed… It needs to be UNDERSTOOD and CONNECTED with.

When you do that, you will understand the meaning of YOGA, and you will discover your Natural Path in Life: the path that your Life is designed to fulfill.

So why people need to control their horses?
Because deep, deep inside they believe that they need to control themselves:

They don’t trust themselves enough to ride with a bit.
They don’t trust themselves enough to hold a whip.
They don’t trust themselves enough to give treats.
They don’t trust themselves enough to hold a rope attached to a halter..

…But even this is not enough for the mind, so the mind pushes further, and:

People don’t trust themselves to follow their dreams.
People don’t trust themselves to be themselves with their horses.
People don’t trust themselves to DO WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO.

No horse will be truly FREE, until his owner is TAMING HIMSELF.