Villa Campo

5 Days Life Changing Yoga & Horse Holiday at Costa del Sol

This holiday serves to make you more relaxed, down to earth, more aware of your thoughts and will fill you up with new energy. You will stay in a private Villa in the countryside, only 20 minutes from Malaga airport.  Maximum number of guests is 6, so tuition will be in a very small group or even private.

The villa has a large outdoor BBQ area that can be closed with plastic walls. Therefore usable all year around for dining, yoga, meditation etc. From the BBQ area you enter directly into the kitchen. The main entrance takes you from the pool area into a large living room. This room also serves for indoor yoga and other exercises if preferable. The Villa has one bedroom with double bed 150 cm. Another bedroom with 2 bunk beds, so it is possible to sleep 4 people if you want a budget holiday 😉 Those two rooms share the same bathroom. If you want more privacy you can book your own suite with a large bed 135 cm, private bathroom and private living room. At the Villa you also find a pool area with sunbeds, outdoor shower, small table sets and a small bathroom. From here you have a stunning view and a lot of space to do yoga and meditation as well. All meals are included. The refrigerator will be filled with what ever you fancy for beakfast so you can make your breakfast of your own choice. There will also always be some fruit, snacks, tea and coffee etc available for you in the kitchen. Lunch and dinner will mainly be served in the Villa but could also be at the stable or at some local restaurant.

The schedule will be adjusted according to how many participants, which day you arrive, the season, the weather and your skills and wishes. The picturesque Spanish village , El Sexmo is just within a 15 minute walk. Still you will be totally surrounded by nature rural lanes roads excellent for trekking and hiking. The horses are within a 10 minute walk. There is a small dog sanctuary as well at the stable, so a lot of dogs everywhere. Some of the horses are very well trained in Working Equitation. We work with the horses in a playful way doing liberty training, teaching them to bow, performing Spanish Walk etc. We have some small obstacles if you prefer show jumping. If you are a dog person we offer an agility seminar where you will be able to watch and learn how to train your dog. We will do body awareness practice every day in the form of breathing, core, easy meditation and yoga exercises. The aim is for you to learn to listen to and to like yourself and your body. Become one with yourself, then you can learn to become one with the horse if you wish. When we work with ourselves there are always questions coming up, about the past, present and the future. Coaching in a “guiding to find your own insights” way, is always available. It could be like chats at the dinner table or more serious sessions, if that’s preferable. A minimum of 3 hours of training / coaching is included every day. If you do not fancy horseback riding, you can just participate in body and mind work and get some private coaching sessions. We also have our “super masseur” Markus Link, who comes over for treatments. These are not included and have to be booked in advance and require a minimum of 3 sessions.
All our horses and our things carry insurance – however, you are responsible for your own holiday and riding insurance. Rider Weight Limit: 176 pounds / 80 kilograms. Horse Height Range from 1,55 to 1,63 m. at the withers.

All horses have a minimum of basic training and perform shoulder in, haunches in, leg yielding and some have started to learn the flying changes, Spanish walk, piaffe and passage. They all have basic level of W.E. training.  


Yoga living room