Horseback Riding Spain – Malaga – Costa del Sol

Horseback riding Spain. I promise you many unforgettable experiences and a new way to communicate with horses.


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  • Basic riding lessons
  • Classical dressage
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Core / Yoga
  • Leadership with horses

Welcome to enjoy my classical dressage in Spain, the lovely weather, sunshine, beaches, restaurants and an amazing countryside. Spending time with the most wonderful creatures in the world – horses! We are located only 15 minutes from Malaga Airport. Riding-classes for beginners as well as advanced riders. Our horses range from easy-rides with basic skills up to high level performers with  lots of power. 

The content of my courses is a mix of everything I have learned that I have found useful. I teach different techniques appropriate to the current phase and level of the horse and rider. The theories come from Classical Dressage, Academic Riding, Centered Riding etc.

Classical dressage

I’m very happy to have found fantastic horsetrainers like Anja Beran, Philippe Karl and Alejandro Barrionuevo wich are all inspired buy Nuno Oliveira, great master in Classical Dressage.


Privat ridundervisning på välutbildade Spanska hästar, Fuengirola, Marbella