Awareness – Mia Isacsson

Communicating from your heart makes you happy

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Teacher / guide – Mia Isacsson has been working since 1997 with people from all over the world who wants to grow as an individual, learn how to communicate and how to use their energy in a better way.

Unforgettable experiences to make an impact in your life.

Villa Rosa – 21st – 27th of March. 7 Days …a journey to self…. amazing retreat

New times – a new world – a new you 

It is a about time we change this world into a beautiful place where we all respect each other, live in harmony with nature and where we all can thrive. A lot is about to change right now and it can be very challenging.  I have been working with different kind of coaching since mid 90s.  I place great emphasis on meeting you where you are on your journey. You are unique and valuable and there is a reason for why you are where you are. I use different tools and skills that I have learned along the way, astrology, drama, M.I, voice dialogue, CBT, tarot cards and most important- my intuition and my heart. Horses are also a magnificent guide for us as we seek personal development . They detect and expose every nuance in your personality and will tirelessly tell you about it.  Read more here.

I have a great team of people working with me to give you the best of experiences. We practice heartfulness, mindfulness, yoga, core, breathing and connecting with nature exercises and much more. Andalusia has a lot to offer as well as picturesque little white villages, beaches, mountains and, most of the time, sunshine.

When we work with ourselves there are always questions coming up, about the past, present and the future. Coaching in  a “guiding to find your own insights” way, is always availabale.  It could be like chats at the dinner table or more serious sessions, if that’s preferable.

All tuition is tailor-made to suit each individual´s level and preferences, starting with the basics.

There are so many things to enjoy and discover at Costa del Sol. We are located at the foot of the mountain between Alhaurin de la Torre and Mijas wich offer lots of hiking trails. There are miles of lovely beaches just 25 minutes from the horsefacility. Along the entire coast there are numerous golf courses and Lauro Golf is just around the corner. There you will find a paddle club and a restaurant as well. Sunview Park Zipline is just a 15 minute drive away. If you are intersted in plants and gardens a visit at Viveros Guzman is an obvious choice. In Torremolinos you also have a lovely botanic garden. Malaga city offers, in addition to the old town’s exquisite small alleys, large selection of restaurants for all tastes and shopping tailored to each wallet, also a great deal of sightseeing.  The Catherdral, The Picasso Museum, The Harbour, The wall paintings in the oldharbour an so much more.