Boost your immune system

The food we buy in shops and restaurants don’t always contains so much vitamins and minerals. Many vegetables and fruits are grown in bad soil and maybe also sprayed with toxics. If you eat at the big food chains, you can be sure it is not healthy. We are also exposed to a lot of stress, radiation, fear and negativ input from media. Very often we dont have time to relax, breathe and listen to what our body needs.  We do the same movements too many time, use the same muscles, running around stressed and out of balance both physical and psychological. All this together make us vulnerable and an easy target for a virus or a disease of any kind. At Spainriding we pick as much as possible for our dinner in the garden and we also use wild plants. Every season has its specialties.  Oranges, tomatoes, cabbage, sallad, herbs. We eat mostly vegetarian and not to much bread and pasta.  If you want you can eat vegan and totaly free from gluten. A glas of wine is concidered an antioxidant.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vila-1024x575.jpgPracticing Mindfullness; Paying attention in the present moment, and doing it intentionally and with non-judgment. Awareness of breath, body, feelings, emotions and/or thoughts (in sitting meditation practice or just during daily activities) You can do a walking meditation or just try to be totaly present while eating, chew slowly, really experience the aroma, taste and texture. Guided meditations where you can focus on your chackras or just scan your body is another way to help you stay present, focusing on your body and breath. Trying to observe, notice, be aware and listen without judging or analysing. This will help you to avoid stress,the  breathing will clean your body, not judging makes you think more positiv, take in the surroundings and let nature’s power and the sunshine fill you up. All this together will surely empower your immune system.

Core / yoga training help you keep balance in life. We start with simple breathing exercises and then we find a level that suites you. Respect your limits to not harm the body. Stretching short muscels and make your stomach and core muscles strong. Balance exercises, sun salutations and animal postures. When you get to know the postures you can go in a more meditative state, but enjoy doing it is most important. You should looking forward to the next time…


Psychology of learning and motivation.  The horse will tell you a lot about your personality. It requires skills of how to motivate and make the horse eager to learn to be a good horsetrainer. The horse need to feel you want to do him well. Give him some healing, that will also heal you. Help him using his body in a way that is comfortable and will build him up. When you get the feeling of having this big powerful animal really happy to be with you and try to please you, that will be the greatest boost of all. Be one with the horse, be one with your self, be one with the universe. Everything is energy. Create your self in a new way, create positiv energy, create a world full of love and happiness. 

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