Leadership with Horses

You are the leader of your own life

Even if you don’t have a job leading others, you are a leader. Of your self, your children, your pets and as a wayshower for others. Together with my coaching, horses can help you become more aware of how you act and how to use your body language. You will learn how to use your energy levels, how to ask for something in a nice way and also how to put the energy level up to get what you want to. The horses will tell you if you are stressed, hard, negativ, to demaninding and give you the oportunity to change bad behaviors. They can teach you patience, how to be focused, to exist in the moment and how to enjoy life. When horses are free they “hang” together. They dont do very much- saving energy in case they need to escape. People are mostly “doers”. They want to do, see resaults, they have prestige and judgments about what is right or wrong. Living very much up in the head, analysing. That’s of course a good thing to be able to use your mind but you need to learn how to control your mind. Learn the difference between doing and beeing. The difference between head and heart, between thinking and feeling. The horses can teach you how to just be, hang together. Try to be, even when you do things.

Team effectiveness and organizational capacity.


How many of you are on teams at work? Even if you’re a solopreneur you need to act like a team member with a vendor or a client. Remember that communication is the single most important factor in successful teamwork. Improve your communication skills together with horses. Relationship is primary in the herd – it is based on trust, clear communication, and the importance of each horse’s place in th herd. Relationships still form the basis for working together, and the relationship is becoming harder to manage in this new digital age.

Improve your leadership skills at Costa del Sol

Leadership is not so much about what we say, it is more about  how we say it. How we lead, how we are perceived, how we are received. Are we aware of our body language, our attitude and our tone of voice? Do we care and have empathy? Any relationship could benefit from paying more attention to body language. Horses do not speak with words, they use bodylanguage and energy to communicate. Therefore they are experts in a field where most of us are groping in the dark.  A horse doesn´t care about our title or position, it gives us an honest and immediate feedback regardless of who we are. The horse gives us the opportunity to look at our communication from another perspective and can initiate profound change in one day.


Leadership and Communication with horses.

Horses detect and expose every nuance in our personality and will tirelessly tell us about it. The horse will react to us exactly as we present ourself, reflecting our leadership style, how it’s perceived and received. Power is not an option, earn the authority to lead and our effort is rewarded. The horse directly mirrors a person’s outward manner of leading and their internal attitude. It is not about horsemanship, nor do you need to ride the horse. Mia Isacsson´s leadership with horses will have the opportunity to clarify your vision, embody your commitment, awareness of bodylanguage, expand your natural ability, be aware of unspoken feelings,  team effectiveness and organizational capacity. The insights and skill-building practices are dramatic and transformative.

Working with your leadership with horses is a great startup any corporate conference, a workplace meeting or as a teambuilding activity. It is also perfect for private consultation, personal development together with coaching.

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