Working in hand – Riding lesson

Working in hand – Riding lesson. To get us much as posible out of your first riding lesson.

In classical riding the teacher ride the horse from the ground to start with, so that the rider can learn the feeling of the movements and how to give proper aids.

The teacher helping from the ground and the rider focusing on relaxation and balance. Then step by step, the rider start to give small signals to the horse. The teacher is always there to find the highest posible level for the horse and rider and assist when requiered.

Before you can require great things from your horse, you need to find your own balance. We practice breathing, relaxation, presence, leadership, concentration, body control, focus and how to give clear signals in order to get a responsive horse.

Body awareness riding entails using as little effort as possible in influencing the horse to perform as much as possible. Inspired by the Classical School – School of Lègéreté. The goal is a horse in natural balance, self carrying, relaxed, moving through the whole body, listening and waiting for the rider´s gentle signals and enabling the horse´s natural curiosity to succeed.